Case Studies

Electric power company ERP and enterprise portal system

Project background

Power companies operate power production, transportation and selling, and its main business includes power industry development planning and implementation, the investment, development, design, debug and engineering supervision of power supply project and power grid; Power scientific research; The power plant operation and maintenance; Grid dispatching and operating; Power sales and service; Power supply of fuel; Electric power equipment and material supplies and various kinds of industrial development, etc. Power companies want to implement centralized enterprise financial management and cost management, equipment maintenance management and purchasing management, inventory management and project management and business process optimization reorganization through ERP project. It aims to achieve centralized management of enterprise financial and production cost, and the optimization and balance of equipment efficiency and equipment availability. The establishing of enterprise portal system is a strategic orientation to digitization and informatization transformation of state grid corporation, and is an inevitable choice to further promote the informatization level and improve enterprise collectivize operation, intensive development and management level, increase the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Our services

Build SAP R / 3 ERP integrated information management system for electric power company. The main function modules of SAP R / 3 includes financial management, cost management, equipment maintenance management, materials management, invoice efficacy, and project management, etc. The implementation of this system mainly includes business process consultation, the analysis of the existing business processes and the existing problems, and puts forward suggestions on improvement, tightly integrate all the business module with financial cost management module, to ensure the consistency, timeliness, reliability and explicable of the data. With ERP, customer can observe through equipment management, and know the supply and inventory of spare parts.

Portal system is a complete system consisting of interface, network service and terminal tool. The enterprise integrated information platform with internet technology and data warehouse technology can provide flexible personalized definition comprehensive task information. With collaborative working platform, it can deliver information integration and comprehensive processing for power generation company of, information system (power plant asset management BFS++, the real-time database PI, financial management FMIS, office automation OA, IT monitoring, etc).

Customer benefits

Through informatization construction, electric power company makes the standardization of management slowly seep into all aspects of enterprises, increasing strain capacity, and it brings obvious benefits for enterprises. The traditional management system of the original, scattered, one-way management information system is replaced by integrated, configurable SAP R / 3 enterprise resource planning system. ERP increased enterprise management standardization and routing, improved the economic efficiency and the management level, effectively controlled the cost and gradually improved management concept. Through the portal system implementation, the enterprise data warehouse and comprehensive application platform was established. It realizes system and data integration cross-platform, and fully realizes the information vertical and horizontal sharing of interdisciplinary, inter-departmental.